The Plan for Homicide Prevention

Hopefully, at the appointment with my local mayor’s office this February I can get something off of the ground. A Center for Homicide Prevention may then become to be eventually formed. With the mayor’s approval violence can then be prevented throughout the city. She(the mayor) is in her first term as the executive of the city. I hear that she is nice, hard working, and willing to try new things for our city here in Massachusetts. It is my dream to help society and solve some of its problems. I cannot do it alone and I hope to have a collaborative effort by other agencies in the area, even throughout the state. Peace to all. Thank You.


Hope for New Year

With a new president that is to be elected next year, hopefully he or she will pass a bill for a Center for Homicide Prevention. I will definitely be on board if he or she wants me to. I have several ideas for the project. If the powers that be want it to include prevention of terrorism along with domestic, school, and workplace homicide prevention then so be it. I am willing to be on board along with others of similar interests as said before, as it will take a collaborative effort. Again, thank you and God bless.

A Few Ways for Safer Communities

When most school and workplace shooters plan out their rampage they plan it for weeks, months , or even years. A bystander can get a sense something is wrong when people begin to acquire weapons. Personality changes in these individuals is also evident. To chime in on domestic violence prevention, a stalker can be stopped by the court, ordering a GPS device on that individual who time and time again does not obey a court order. If he or she does not stay away from the potential victim he or she will be picked up by the authorities. Furthermore on mass shootings people have the responsibility to report something if they see or hear something is wrong. I do not know if mandatory reporting can be a way laws can keep us all safe from harm as the authorities often say if you see something say something. But mandatory reporting may be a way colleges can conduct business as if the student sees something he or she must say something. I do not know if these principles can be enforced on youth in schools who are under the age of eighteen. Thank you again and peace to you all.

Prayers for California

In the wake of the shooting rampage in California the need for homicide prevention is even higher. Hopefully in the future, a center for homicide prevention can assist in thwarting such massacres. We all must do our best to keep our neighbors and fellow citizens safe as well as our allies from harm. No system will ever be perfect, but I and others must try to find better ways of communication to prevent such disasters. Thank you all and God bless.

The Need for Homicide Prevention

Everyone, especially families and friends are heartbroken at the loss of someone by violence. In the wake of the Paris attacks we can only imagine what a friend or loved one feels. It is even worse if someone we know is taken from us so violently. I may step up the homicide prevention center to include thwarting acts of terror. These acts must stop. However, to get the center off the ground it is only going to focus on domestic, school, and workplace violence and homicide for now. I am seriously considering taking on international terror and what may affect the homeland in the future. Peace to you all.

School Shooters

School shooters usually tell someone they are going to commit a shooting beforehand. If people come forward and tell of a potential shooter’s intentions a crime can be stopped. A potential shooter tells of his/her motives in journals or just simply implies it. Many school shootings can be stopped if more studies are done about the shootings of the past. I have done around twenty years of research on shootings both in the workplace and at schools. I am not a martyr, I just have a passion for preventing violence and trying to make the world a better place.

We Need To Stop the Mass Shootings, Domestic Violence, and Workplace Violence

I started on word press to get the word out about starting a homicide prevention center. Violence and homicide in a lot of cases can be prevented, believe it or not. In school shooting most of the time the shooter told someone of his intentions. This is where they can be stopped. If people are taught to come forward to report someone of such intentions and threats. Workplace shootings are the same thing as there are always warning signs. Domestic violence has to end as well. Partners who are abused need help and the abuser needs counseling, these methods can stop the madness that goes on everyday. Violence and homicide prevention centers are the answer.

Hi, my name is Tony and I’m starting a homicide prevention center. Also currently writing a memoir about mental illness. Facts are that people with mental illnesses are usually the victims, not the perpetrators. However, some people with mental illness are the perpetrators, but can be stopped by an intervention. A homicide prevention center could prevent, but not limited to domestic, workplace, and school violence and homicide.