When most school and workplace shooters plan out their rampage they plan it for weeks, months , or even years. A bystander can get a sense something is wrong when people begin to acquire weapons. Personality changes in these individuals is also evident. To chime in on domestic violence prevention, a stalker can be stopped by the court, ordering a GPS device on that individual who time and time again does not obey a court order. If he or she does not stay away from the potential victim he or she will be picked up by the authorities. Furthermore on mass shootings people have the responsibility to report something if they see or hear something is wrong. I do not know if mandatory reporting can be a way laws can keep us all safe from harm as the authorities often say if you see something say something. But mandatory reporting may be a way colleges can conduct business as if the student sees something he or she must say something. I do not know if these principles can be enforced on youth in schools who are under the age of eighteen. Thank you again and peace to you all.